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Use Unshockable Love and Alpha together to make a powerful impact in your community. Unshockable Love prepares your group to love themselves along with the messy people around them the same way Jesus does. This powerful experience and knowledge will then be taken out into the community as you invite people to join your Alpha to explore the basics of Christian faith.

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Unshockable Love

Hardcover-Book-MockUp-john2What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you shocked at the faults, failures, and moral shortcomings most? Or do you see the beauty and potential that God said was worth dying for, the Masterpiece hidden beneath the mud of sin in every person?

Get ready to change your life and the lives of others by learning how Jesus truly sees all people. Through John Burke’s powerful lessons gleaned from his study of every encounter Jesus had, combined with real-life stories of ordinary people having Christ-like impact, this book will inspire you to truly love the messy people around you–and the one staring back in the mirror–with the unconditional, unshockable love of Jesus.

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To help you do more than just read or discuss Unshockable Love, then move on, we’ve created this Action Guide as a companion to any book or study you are using. The Action Guide includes 35 exercises to develop the attitudes and actions of Jesus in your own life and the life of your group. You will introduce the Action Guide while using the Discussion Guide, but will continue to develop it over a longer period of time with your group.

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The Discussion Guide includes six, 90-minute sessions, each covering a handful of chapters from the book. Each session challenges your group to: CONNECT, DISCUSS, and DO so you will learn together how to follow Jesus more authentically in your daily lives.

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Alpha Mark-Red1_Lrg-01

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith. Alpha is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s found in over 169 countries. It’s run in tens of thousands of schools, prisons, homes and churches of all denominations. It’s given more than 19.6 million people the opportunity to explore the meaning of life. Perhaps it’s just what your community – and your church – needs. Read More

Unshockable Love & Alpha Program Information

Find out more about how to effectively use Unshockable Love and the Alpha course to reach your community.

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