Cultivate Champion

Church Planter Cultivate
What is a cultivate Champion?

Have you recently been approached by friend or family member to be their church planter cultivate champion? Are you not sure what a Cultivate Church Planter is? A cultivate champion is a person who is committed to helping the church planter succeed in his or her church planting efforts. The champion is a person trusted and respected by the church planter, who agrees to hold the church planter accountable for his/her promises. Here is a list of a few task as the church planter cultivate champion you are agreeing to do:

Ÿ• commit to praying for the church planter at least once a week
• hold the church planter fully accountable for keeping his or her promises and for living up to his or her full potential
• meet in person with the church planter once or twice a month and arrive fully prepared by tracking his or her progress and
reading all online journal entries

It is vital to the church planter to have a person like you in their corner. One who willingly has the hard conversations. Equally as important is for the planter is to have a champion who will support and encourage them through this process.

You aren’t in this alone. The church planter has a coach and a champion to help him/her succeed. There is a covenant we ask to be signed by both parties. Here are a few of the item the church planter has to agree.  (For the detailed list, ask your church planter to email you the convenant or better yet find it HERE .)

• make church planting, Cultivate, and completing the experiences a high priority in my life and will diligently devote at least the
minimum amount of time required to finish each;
Ÿ• the responsibility for personal growth is mine, and I must detect and push through resistance for this growth to occur.
Ÿ• there are no shortcuts to the way of Christ or a healthy church.
Ÿ• the promises from my Cultivate Champion are restricted to the meetings and terms described in this contract and that asking
for additional help of any kind or any time beyond what has been initially agreed upon must result in a mutually acceptable
change to this covenant, which will be amended in writing and signed by both of us.