I had a Christian inferiority complex in the sense that I knew what people thought of Christians and I was a little bit embarrassed to be one because of that association. And so as a result I think I wasn’t myself – comfortable with myself and with the life I was starting to experience since following Jesus and I hadn’t fully realized that what God does inside of you when you really live for him is what everyone is longing for. Maybe that is part of the problem. Maybe part of the problem is that many Christians don’t know how to truly follow Jesus in a moment-by-moment way where he is doing something in us that is so exciting that you want to give it away. It’s like, I love soccer and if you talk with me for very long I’m going to end up telling you about a soccer game or coaching my team or something – you know why? Because I love it and I think you ought to too. You might not, but I just so excited about it that in time I just can’t help talking about it. And you know honestly it is the same way with Jesus when you’re fully yielded to him and learning to do what he said in John 15, stay connected moment by moment and this fruit starts to grow and that is something that when you’re experiencing it, you want everyone to experience. I think that is what we need to get to – am I living the kind of life where I’m seeing the fruit of God’s Spirit produced in me, if so then I’m going to want others to experience it and I’m going to be less worried about what they think about me because I’m going to be more wanting them to have something good. That’s a shift that we as followers of Christ have to come to and help others live out – that’s contagious.