That is the only word I can think of to describe what we as the American Church have been experiencing for most of 2020.  A global pandemic, social unrest, looting, rioting, and not to mention the most contentious political environment I have ever experienced in my lifetime.  It has been nothing short of CRAZY!

As I guess one would expect, these events have brought out both the best and the worst in people, both Christian and non-Christian alike.  The events of recent months have had a significant impact on our country, one of those impacts seems to have been to divide us over many issues, and the same is true for the Church as well.

Church Planters and Pastors have by no means escaped; there seem to be two sides to the issues they are facing, and, in some cases, causing a lot of anxiety and stress.  Do we open for in-person services or remain closed to keep people safe?  What is the role and responsibility of the Church?  If that were not enough, there is the issue over masks, should we wear them or not wear them?  What if people in your church have different opinions (which is almost guaranteed)?  What is right, what should be our practice?

Well, I wish I had some easy answers for you, but I do not.  What I do know is that in each of your communities, as you seek the Lord, you will find wisdom, and He will direct your paths.  I also know that one of the important roles we have in a time like this is to lead God’s people with both word and deed.