I spent a couple days last week at one of 3DM’s tasters. I appreciate their pinpoint focus on making disciples. A phrase from Doug Paul really struck home, “readiness trumps opportunity.”

Opportunity is a “when I win the lottery” approach to life – a waiting game that pins future happiness or success on something that happens to us. Readiness is a “prepared to do any good work” approach to life – a willingness that believes our future fruitfulness comes from our ability to listen and obey today. Jesus disciples didn’t change the world because of opportunity. They changed the world out of readiness.

That’s why I am so committed to what ELI is doing through Cultivate – helping leaders be ready for church planting. Cultivate isn’t a conference, it’s not a boot-camp, it’s 8 months of life-transforming training that prepares you to start a church by making disciples.

Cultivate is about being ready, not finding opportunity.

A new training cohort starts in 2 weeks – you can check it out here: www.elichurchplanting.com/cultivate.

We’d love to help you be ready.